Imagine kicking off 2024 with super sales superpowers!

I created a powerful toolkit for freelance writers that makes their proposal anxiety float away and builds mountain-moving confidence!

What do I call this super-cool toolkit?

💪 Win!

Transform Freelance Writing Prospects Into Profitable Clients

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Win! includes:

  • My word-for-word Profitable Proposal template that's made me over 80K and helped me get 100% of the contract upfront.
  • A 20-minute big-picture video breakdown of my Profitable Proposal, letting you look over my shoulder and understand the flow
  • A freelance writing contract created by my attorney of over 20 years that you can modify for your use, plus a statement of work (SOW). 
  • FUN hot-button questions to ask your client, allowing you to uncover their hidden motivations and showcase your value.

Plus, I'm including ten short video chats where I answer common business questions, including:

  • Should you write test copy for free?
  • What to say to the prospects who ask for a discount.
  • What to do if the client keeps asking for little stuff that’s out of scope.
  • What to do if your client asks for changes to the agreement.

That’s over 75 minutes in bonus videos!

Here’s a sample video:

Ready to blow your income goals out of the water?

The cost for Win! is just $247.

Just think — you could make your investment back after just one sale!

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About your instructor

Hey there! 👋

I’m Heather Lloyd-Martin.

I started the SEO writing industry over 25 years ago -- Forbes even called me "the pioneer of SEO copywriting." Over the years, I've taught hundreds of writers how to boost their income, pinpoint their ideal clients, and build profitable writing products.

Today, I split my time between teaching and coaching. I'm a LinkedIn Learning instructor and run the SEO Copywriting Certification training (now in its 11th year!). I also love working with writers just like you. 😀