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Does your monthly income slide up and down, constantly thrusting you into “feast or famine” mode?

Is finding (and keeping) clients rough?

Does the “business” part of your business, like legal and marketing, feel like it’s spiraling out of control?


Maybe you own an existing copywriting business and you’re feeling burned out.

Or you’re brand new to freelancing and you want to make more money, faster.

I totally understand. And I can help.

Imagine if you could turn the content you write into cash, by…

…writing what you want to write
…easily handpicking your clients
…enjoying a smooth business life that works around your schedule
…learning how to run your business on YOUR schedule in a stress-free, exuberantly fun way!

Learn my 5 SWEET business-building secrets

Introducing the Turn Content Into Cash training for freelance writers

Let me teach you my proven methods for making more money — without working so darn hard!

SBuild your SUCCESS roadmap.

  • Conquer your fears, work from your strengths and nail down the writing services you want to offer.

WDiscover WHO you want to work with

  • Find your niche, learn how to tell people what you do and cherry pick your perfect customer.

EEARN more, work less.

  • Get confident about your writing contracts, get paid what you’re worth and go into tax season fear-free.

EEVANGELIZE your business

  • Create recurring revenue with partnerships, build a killer site and network in non-sleazy (and effective) ways.


  • Ditch proposals, make more money with clients you already have and get clients to sign on the dotted line faster.

It’s everything you need to slide your business into the fast lane – successfully!

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting their copywriting business off the ground. The learning was exponential, and saved me hours and hours of research and trying to figure it out on my own.” – Lorraine Hunte

Learn the ropes from leading experts

This training is jam-packed with eye-opening information brought to you by leading copywriting, financial and marketing experts, including…

Wondering how to find your perfect client?

  • Bob Bly, author of 70 books, including The Copywriter’s Handbook, shares his proven client-acquisition secrets.

Is “finding a niche” making you pull your hair out?

  • Quit pulling and start relaxing. Let Pam Foster from PetCopywriter.com and AWAI show you the niche-building ropes.

Does setting your rates freak you out?

  • Steve Wilkinghoff, author of Found Money, shares his rate-setting tips, plus how to make more money with the clients you already have.

Are contracts giving you fits?

  • Stop worrying and start selling! Bob Ellis, digital technology law expert, will teach you how to (inexpensively) work with your contracts.

Not sure what sets you apart from your competition?

  • Let Sean D’Souza, owner of PsychoTactics, teach you fun ways to find your uniqueness.

Does the threat of taxes keep you awake?

  • Don’t sweat it. Eva Rosenberg, EA, tax columnist for MarketWatch.com, shows you how you can (legally) keep more of your income and handle your taxes.

Wondering what keeps your career in the slow lane?

  • You’ve got this! I’ll show you how to conquer your inner demons, how to choose the right services to offer – even how to enjoy networking (seriously, it can be fun…if you set it up right!).

Plus, you’ll learn how to set up your website, ways to keep your work/life balance, proven marketing techniques and more!

It’s your always-on freelance business reference. How cool is that?

Ready to have some fun with your copywriting business?

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Emails 6 days a week for five weeks – every week even has its own musical theme!
  • Videos, podcasts and worksheets available 24/7
  • Exclusive access to the Turn Content Into Cash Facebook group, where you can meet other fun writers and share tips.

“While I’m a new copywriter, I have attended numerous professional conferences and courses throughout my career, and I find Heather’s to be tops! She has a natural way of answering all of your questions in an easy to follow and sincere manner. If you’re serious about starting a successful copywriting business, don’t do it without Heather’s expertise!”  -Monique Knapp

I’m even offering a free BONUS WEEK filled with webinars and worksheets designed to help you…

  • Drive business with social media
  • Master your work/life balance
  • Market your business in a smart, stress-free way
  • Find easy ways to make more money

Plus, you can work on the lessons whenever YOU have time. 

Isn’t it time for your own SWEET business?

Let’s put your business into high gear, together. You’ll get lifetime access to:

  • 24 webinar and podcast tutorials
  • In-depth worksheets and handouts
  • The six-week email series
  • The exclusive Facebook group

For just one low price.

“There is nothing else like your course out there and each of us has been trying to learn on our own – without always knowing what we needed. Thank you so much for creating a course that takes your experiences and those of your guest instructors to give us everything we need to avoid the pitfalls and be successful!” – Quinn Eurich

And speaking of the price — you know what’s even better?

I’m selling this training at the discounted rate of just .81 cents a day for a year (that’s $297.)

Yes! Sign me up!

If you’re ready to get started, cool! I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and dig into your business.

(And if you’re not ready, that’s OK too – this training isn’t for everyone.)

I can’t wait to start…

Let’s do this!