SEO Content Writing, Step By Step

Learn how to easily write SEO content – without making your copy sound weird

SEO Content Writing: Step-By-Step

  • Do you pass on SEO writing jobs because you’re not sure if you’re doing things the right way?
  • Have you researched other SEO content writing training courses, but they’re too expensive, too advanced and too focused on information you don’t need to know?
  • Are you losing leads and sales because your business’s website copy isn’t optimized, and you don’t have the budget for a professional writer?
  • Have you read conflicting information in blog posts and books — and now, you’re more confused than ever?

I know “writing for Google” is confusing…at first.

Blog posts and books give conflicting how-to advice. Clients give you weird SEO writing guidelines, like “one keyword every 100 words.” Plus, you’re afraid adding all those keyphrases will make your copy sound strange.

Maybe you’ve tried to “write naturally for Google” – but, your content didn’t position (hint: writing naturally doesn’t work!). Or, you’ve looked at keyword research tools, and couldn’t figure out what the numbers meant, or how to use them.

I can help. In fact, over my 19-year SEO copywriting career, I’ve helped thousands of writers just like you. Forbes even called me the pioneer of SEO copywriting.

I finished listening to the webinar recordings last week–thanks so much for a great class! You delivered an effective high-level overview, followed by the nitty-gritty details, helpful examples, and then revisited the key points enough that I was able to absorb what, to me, is a very complex subject, Awesome!

— Sheryl Bauerschmidt, in-house copywriter

Finally, a back-to-basics webinar series with step-by-step guidance

Have you ever wished for a SEO content writing course that would just teach you how to quickly research keyphrases or how to write an optimized blog post or landing page for Google?

No fluff. No strategy. Just the best-practices tips you need to do your job.

The webinars laid a foundation from the ground up. I didn’t get lost in the volume of data. I now see how to approach SEO step by step. In other words, you successfully untangled the jumble of information so SEO makes sense to me.

— Karen Tan, freelance copywriter

Over three webinars, I’ll teach you step-by-step ways to:

  • Find blog post ideas and write an optimized blog post
  • Write Titles and descriptions that get great Google rankings
  • Write high-converting landing pages
  • Find free ways to research keyphrases

Plus, if you attend the live webinars, you can ask questions and get immediate feedback. How cool is that?

After taking Heather Lloyd-Martin’s new course, SEO Content Writing: Step-by-Step, I have useful information that I can immediately use in my own business. Her step-by-step approach and use of real websites and blogs for examples makes the sometimes-confusing world of search engine optimization much easier to understand. I think the course was just what I needed to improve the content work I create for my clients.

— Shirley Mott, freelance copywriter

Can’t attend the live webinars? I’ll send the recording to you — so you won’t miss a thing. Easy!

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Keyphrase research with free tools – step-by-step

September 19th, 2017 – 9 a.m. PT/ noon ET

It’s 2017. Is keyphrase research still needed?
Why Google’s Keyword Planner sucks — and what you can do instead
Free ways to get insider keyword research data
Sneaky online research tips to help you find even more ideas
Important things to avoid — yes, even if you’ve been told it’s “best practices!”

How to write an optimized blog post, step-by-step

September 26th, 2017 – 9 a.m. PT/ noon ET

Easy ways to figure out hot topics for your readers
How Google’s “hints” can help you write better web content
How to research blog post keyphrases
Where to put keyphrases in your copy
How to write an optimized Title and meta description

How to write an optimized landing page, step-by-step

October 3rd, 2017 – 9 a.m. PT/ noon ET

Smart ways to write sales landing pages
How to choose the right keyphrases
What to do when you’re writing local content
Where to place keyphrases into your copy
How to write an optimized Title and meta description

Plus, I threw in a few bonuses. I know you like bonuses. ☺

  • A free month of SEMrush Pro (a fantastic keyphrase research tool) — $99.95 value!
  • A VIP Facebook page where you can ask questions and get support
  • A $150 coupon code for the SEO Copywriting Certification training.
  • Access to a bonus webinar, SEO Copywriting Hacks – $20 value

So, now you’re asking, “OK, Heather. How much for the course?”

My day rate when I’m training major corporations and agencies starts at $5,000.

My SEO Copywriting Certification training, which provides a certification and is a “deep dive” in SEO copywriting strategy and process, costs $995.

But the SEO Content Writing: Step-By-Step course is only $129. That’s it. And that includes $219 in extra bonuses.

If you know nothing about SEO copywriting, and are intimidated by the whole SEO thing, this course is, by far, the easiest and fastest way to understand what to do! With plenty of how-to, why-you-do, and real-time visuals that walk you through, with excellent instruction and support, you can’t go wrong. Heather is da bomb!

— Kathy A. Smith, freelance copywriter

So, what do you say? Do you want to jump on board with me?

C’mon. This will be fun — join me!

P.S. Worried you won’t be able to make all the sessions? Relax! All recordings are included in the price and will be sent directly to you. You won’t miss a thing!