• Steve Sonn


    I’m a 25+ year healthcare copywriter and marketer and currently Principal of my business, S2 Marketing Communications.

    I’ve worked in marketing and PR roles for several healthcare companies, from B2B services and technology companies like Care Communications, Inc. (acquired, 2015) and Ciox Health to hospitals and integrated health systems in the Chicago area.

    My experience includes copywriting that has helped fuel dramatic growth, through websites, emails, lead-generation pages and many other marketing channels.

    I have marketing and communications degrees from Chicago area universities, including a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University and a bachelor’s degree in speech communications from Northeastern Illinois University.

    I’ve been active in the greater Chicago marketing community, having served in board and volunteer positions for area marketing and public relations associations, like the Chicago AMA.

    My marketing work has earned more than 15 national and international awards for excellence and creativity in marketing communications.

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  • Shelley Settles

    Shelley Settles


    Choose the wrong words or the wrong tone, and people lose interest. They drop out of your sales funnel, or fail to enter all together. Cost per sale skyrockets, while you lose thousands (or millions) of dollars.

    Those sales aren’t really ‘lost.’ They simply went to your competitors who told a better story. Now that’s expensive.

    Choose the wrong creative person and the collaboration can be exasperating, the work disappointing, and the time, well, it's just wasted. What a headache!

    That’s where I come in. I fix writing problems, ease headaches, increase website effectiveness aka ’stickiness’ and help drive sales. I’ve been polishing other writers' work, writing business copy, and marketing services and products throughout my career.

    Initially trained as a journalist and public relations professional, then as a web and B2B copywriter through AWAI, I offer more than just writing. I offer ideas. My diverse business experience as an owner or as a manager in construction, debt management, marketing and private Christian education, means I know industry and I know people. I don't just craft words…I help build businesses.

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  • Pam Foster

    Pam Foster


    I'm a Certified SEO Copywriter and experienced content-marketing writer, teacher and consultant with 3 decades of experience in marketing communications.

    I'm the Director of Copywriting Mastery Programs at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) - a global company dedicated to training people who wish to thrive as copywriters, giving them the skills to meet the demand for print and online content-marketing writers. I have a ten-year history with AWAI. I created 3 AWAI programs to help copywriters succeed: Working Effectively with Web Clients, Site Audits Made Simple, and Choose Your Writing Niche! I also speak at AWAI conferences, including AWAI's Fast Track to Success Copywriting Bootcamp and AWAI's Web Copy Intensive as well as online teaching programs.

    I'm also proud to own www.PetCopywriter.com, which offers pet-industry copywriting, web-SEO writing, social media and interactive media consulting based on many years with pet companies and veterinary companies.

    Books and Training: I have co-authored a series of guides for marketing success, including "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry" and "Wildly Profitable Marketing for Zoos, Aquariums and other Animal Organizations." These guides can help you drive more traffic to your site and boost profits. Visit www.PawzoolaPublishing.com for complete details.

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  • Daniel Defendi

    Daniel Defendi


    Daniel is an experienced copywriter from Perth, Western Australia who currently works within the digital communications and marketing sector. He is an avid writer and researcher with a bachelors degree in Professional Writing & Publishing. Daniel is capable of creating content across many mediums and has scripted, shot and produced video content for business and government. When not working, you'll find Daniel reading or planning his next travel destination.

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  • Ryosuke Ohori


    Ryosuke Ohori is a Certified SEO Copywriter and experienced medical doctor with more than 15 years experience in clinical diagnosis, treatment and research.

    His abundant knowledge and experience in medical field enables him to create rich and trustful medical writing. As the first Japanese copywriter who received the certification, he engages in training Japanese SEO copywriters who are eager to improve their skills, and supporting people who wish to grow their business online. He also helps people build their websites, writing contents, blog posts, and emails in Japanese.

    For more information, email me at info@ohoriryosuke.com.

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  • Allen Smith

    Allen Smith


    Allen Smith is a syndicated writer living in Oceanside, California. He is a three time award winner for America’s Funniest Humor and published thousands of articles in print, on the web and social media. Smith earned his master’s degree in exercise physiology from San Diego State University in 1983, where he worked in the country’s first cardiac rehabilitation program. He is also a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine.

    Smith has been featured on NBC News, ABC’s The View, KYSL Radio, The Hollis Chapman Show, TV8 Vail and Plum TV16. He has also been published in The Writer Magazine, Funny Times, the Professional Skier, Denver Post, Aspen Times and was a founding writer for Lance Armstrong’s wellness website, LIVESTRONG.COM. Smith was the Gear Editor from 2008-2011 for Onthesnow.com, the most visited winter sport website in the United States.

    Smith’s first book, Ski Instructors Confidential: The Stories Ski Instructors Swap Back at the Lodge was published in 2005, is in its second printing and continues to sell around the world in book stores and on-line. His second book, Watching Grandma Circle the Drain was published in 2011 and has received rave reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and dozens of independent websites and blogs. He has also contributed to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners (2010) and The Gigantic Armchair Reader (2008). His latest book, Monkey in a Pink Canoe was published in April, 2014 and earned the Best Humor Award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

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