• Jewel Pickert

    Jewel Pickert


    I'm the Idea Generator, a Certified SEO copywriter, and a freelance B2B copywriter.

    Prospects and businesses sometimes view each other impersonally. Yet, companies are made up of people, too.

    I can help bridge the gap with conversational copy that can generate more leads and increase sales for your company. At the same time, I'll tell your unique story in an engaging way.

    I received my training at American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI) for both online and print copy. Whether you need Web page copy, emails, articles, or other copy, I can help you out.

    Before diving into writing, I gained experience in manufacturing, retail, training, and personal and professional development. I was known as someone who had good questions, good ideas, integrity, and a can-do attitude.

    For more information or to start a conversation, send an email to jewel@jewelpickert.com.

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  • Francis Ardi

    Francis Ardi


    I am a AWAI-trained, SEO Certified copywriter specializing in writing for the Internet.
    My favored marketing niche is writing for the consumer health and wellness industry and the medical profession.
    I have a medical education, in fact I have an M.D. degree from the University of Malta and would naturally be familiar with various health issues and how to best present and discuss them.

    My education also makes researching health topics more effective, especially nowadays on the Internet. I am also familiar with FDA and FTC guidelines for advertising various health products.

    My copywriter training enables me to explain medical topics in a manner understandable by ordinary folk. I can adapt my writing style to the target audience from ordinary consumers to health professionals.

    You can view samples of my writing on www.francisardi.com/wrtiting-samples/.

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  • Lucy Edge

    Lucy Edge


    Need a copywriter who understands how to build a brand from the ground up?

    Who knows how to carve out a unique stand for your brand, even in a crowded market?

    Who can unlock the secret lives of your customers with rigorous analysis, and answer their pain points with compelling copy?

    Who has proven success in business - adding value to the bottom line of many multi national corporations (McDonald’s, Johnnie Walker and Lysol/Dettol to name a few), runs her own e-commerce site (YogaClicks.Store), and loves helping the little guy?

    If the answer is yes to any of the above, I am your girl.

    I combine brand strategy and SEO copywriting expertise to write on point product and brand communications which engage and convert. 

    I am a published author (Random House) - I love creating and telling addictive stories that have people coming back for more. 

    I am also a yoga nut. I write regularly for the national and yoga press, have authored over 150 guides to types of yoga and yoga poses, discovered nearly 250 proven health benefits of yoga by classifying 300 clinical studies, and collected more than 500 personal testimonials to the real life benefits of yoga. Despite the whisky and the burgers, I am a wellness warrior!

    As the owner of a business I get that you have to do everything yesterday, with one pair of hands and a budget. 

    Here's some ways I can help:

    Brand strategy – who are you and what you stand for.

    SEO copywriting – competitive analysis, positioning maps, deep dive target audience definitions, commercially focused content marketing strategies, content creation and content editing - from blog posts to product descriptions. 

    Tone of voice – how you talk, and how you listen.

    Brand manifestos and mission statements.

    Conceptual copywriting – new product concepts, new brand platforms, brand extensions.

    Need help? Lets talk! 

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  • Dorit Sasson

    Dorit Sasson


    Wouldn't it be amazing to work with someone who's been on your client's side of the table and can also write to provoke, inspire and educate? You can't afford to have your copy wrong when you're trying to build visibility and connect with your audience's pain points. You need to speak your target client's language. Period. No exceptions.

    You no longer have to proof your copy to make sure the examples, content, and overall structure are correct. You can work with a certified SEO copywriter who is trustworthy, professional, doesn't need hand-holding, and delivers copy on time, all the time.

    In addition to being a great writer, I'm also a/an...

    1. award-winning author of the memoir Accidental Soldier the upcoming memoir Sand and Steel: A Memoir of Longing and Finding Home.
    2. former teacher and teacher coach with combined experience of 20+ years (This comes in real handy for explaining difficult subjects.)
    3. versatile and prolific writer with a B2B background

    I've written over 1000+ pieces of SEO content from short to long form ranging in topics from e-commerce, business, education and leadership. Long-form copy samples include a ghostwritten About Us page for an e-commerce automotive website, which to date, is one of the most viewed pages of the e-commerce automotive site, Shopping Cart Elite.

    Most recently I ghostwrote for The Growth Institute. I was given recorded interviews with Gazelle coaches and leaders like Dr. Pamela Carrington and repurposed them as long-form articles. In this role, I leveraged storytelling techniques to create engaging content.

    Here is one such sample:

    From Disruption to Scalability: J.C. Hart COO's Secret Sauce to Winning Leadership (https://blog.growthinstitute.com/exo/case-study-disruption-to-scalability)

    SEO Content and Strategy Experience

    Up until November 30, 2018, I was working as a content strategist - researching keywords and keyphrases for purpose of optimizing more than 500+ safety products for MSA, Mine Safety Appliances. I optimized all the metafields and wrote product descriptions in a consumer driven way.

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  • Pam Foster

    Pam Foster


    I'm a Certified SEO Copywriter and experienced content-marketing writer, teacher and consultant with 3 decades of experience in marketing communications.

    I'm the Director of Copywriting Mastery Programs at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) - a global company dedicated to training people who wish to thrive as copywriters, giving them the skills to meet the demand for print and online content-marketing writers. I have a ten-year history with AWAI. I created 3 AWAI programs to help copywriters succeed: Working Effectively with Web Clients, Site Audits Made Simple, and Choose Your Writing Niche! I also speak at AWAI conferences, including AWAI's Fast Track to Success Copywriting Bootcamp and AWAI's Web Copy Intensive as well as online teaching programs.

    I'm also proud to own www.PetCopywriter.com, which offers pet-industry copywriting, web-SEO writing, social media and interactive media consulting based on many years with pet companies and veterinary companies.

    Books and Training: I have co-authored a series of guides for marketing success, including "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry" and "Wildly Profitable Marketing for Zoos, Aquariums and other Animal Organizations." These guides can help you drive more traffic to your site and boost profits. Visit www.PawzoolaPublishing.com for complete details.

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  • Mario LaMarche

    Mario LaMarche


    Mario LaMarche is the product marketing manager for the RF, microwave, and mixed-signal business units at Mercury Systems. His technical background includes design work on RF modules, semiconductors, and optical products. In his previous role at a different company, Mario led an RF filter product line through a business turn-around by doubling revenue and increasing gross margin from -70% to +30%. Mario holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in electrical engineering.

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  • Daniel Defendi

    Daniel Defendi


    Daniel is an experienced copywriter from Perth, Western Australia who currently works within the digital communications and marketing sector. He is an avid writer and researcher with a bachelors degree in Professional Writing & Publishing. Daniel is capable of creating content across many mediums and has scripted, shot and produced video content for business and government. When not working, you'll find Daniel reading or planning his next travel destination.

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  • Avatar

    Steve Sonn


    I’m a 25+ year healthcare copywriter and marketer and currently Principal of my business, S2 Marketing Communications.

    I’ve worked in marketing and PR roles for several healthcare companies, from B2B services and technology companies like Care Communications, Inc. (acquired, 2015) and Ciox Health to hospitals and integrated health systems in the Chicago area.

    My experience includes copywriting that has helped fuel dramatic growth, through websites, emails, lead-generation pages and many other marketing channels.

    I have marketing and communications degrees from Chicago area universities, including a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University and a bachelor’s degree in speech communications from Northeastern Illinois University.

    I’ve been active in the greater Chicago marketing community, having served in board and volunteer positions for area marketing and public relations associations, like the Chicago AMA.

    My marketing work has earned more than 15 national and international awards for excellence and creativity in marketing communications.

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