• Clio Paterson

    Clio Paterson


    I’m Clio, a freelance SEO content writer and copywriter based in Manchester, UK.
    I specialise in premium brands in the B2C and B2B sectors.
    Since 2013 I’ve been writing content across the lifestyle, travel, health and wellness, fashion, and beauty sectors. I’ve also worked with innovative e-commerce platforms, tech businesses and cloud providers.

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  • Daniel Defendi

    Daniel Defendi


    Daniel is an experienced copywriter from Perth, Western Australia who currently works within the digital communications and marketing sector. He is an avid writer and researcher with a bachelors degree in Professional Writing & Publishing. Daniel is capable of creating content across many mediums and has scripted, shot and produced video content for business and government. When not working, you'll find Daniel reading or planning his next travel destination.

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    Elton Nelson


    After years of D.C. Government and Lockheed Martin tax and web-based experience, I’m now seeking long-postponed work as a writer.

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  • Pam Foster

    Pam Foster


    I'm a Certified SEO Copywriter and experienced content-marketing writer, teacher and consultant with 3 decades of experience in marketing communications.

    I'm the Director of Copywriting Mastery Programs at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) - a global company dedicated to training people who wish to thrive as copywriters, giving them the skills to meet the demand for print and online content-marketing writers. I have a ten-year history with AWAI. I created 3 AWAI programs to help copywriters succeed: Working Effectively with Web Clients, Site Audits Made Simple, and Choose Your Writing Niche! I also speak at AWAI conferences, including AWAI's Fast Track to Success Copywriting Bootcamp and AWAI's Web Copy Intensive as well as online teaching programs.

    I'm also proud to own www.PetCopywriter.com, which offers pet-industry copywriting, web-SEO writing, social media and interactive media consulting based on many years with pet companies and veterinary companies.

    Books and Training: I have co-authored a series of guides for marketing success, including "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry" and "Wildly Profitable Marketing for Zoos, Aquariums and other Animal Organizations." These guides can help you drive more traffic to your site and boost profits. Visit www.PawzoolaPublishing.com for complete details.

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    Michele Ross


    Freelance Writer + Copy Editor; Content Editor @ HUM Nutrition

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  • Helen McCrone

    Helen McCrone


    I've been helping businesses communicate effectively in writing since 2004. My mission? To deliver a client's message clearly, concisely and convincingly using strategic copywriting skills, SEO best practices, and a good understanding of content marketing.

    My previous career as an accountant in industry is the reason I focus on business content today. It's what I'm familiar with and what I enjoy writing about. What's more, as a finance manager, I learned to convey complex information, get the details right, and influence others by understanding the other perspective. That's helped me develop an engaging and persuasive writing style that suits B2B content and long-form content perfectly.

    What keeps me sane (most of the time)? Yoga, my faith, my American husband, and my English sense of humor!

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  • Darice Cairns

    Darice Cairns


    Hi! In the broad scheme of things, I am an educator. I teach in private international schools with young learners and I also have a website that I use to showcase and play around with my blogging and writing skills. I am also an author and have published one book "Journey With, Transforming an Imperfect Life" and have one more ready to be published. I write about life stories, travels, making sense of the ups and downs of life, and spiritual content such as mysticism, the law of attraction, and how to become a conscious and empowered human being.

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  • Anna Chudzinski

    Anna Chudzinski


    Copywriter at ES99, a full-service branding and marketing agency in Chicago. I work on a variety of content, from websites and social to print pieces. I love helping my clients grow their businesses by uncovering and building their brand identity.

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