• Traci Huhn

    Traci Huhn


    Traci Huhn is a content writer in Houston, TX specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Engagement. Her most recent work is showcased on various websites across the Greater Houston area. Traci is published in Onthetown Magazine, Reviewit® and Momology Magazine and enjoys writing for a wide variety of industries. Her writing experience dates back to her playground days where she would draft poetry and short stories with her childhood best friend. A love and passion for writing, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Management has afforded her an eclectic professional writing career of over 14 years.

    Traci also enjoys photography, graphic design and web design.

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  • David Taylor, M.D.


    David Taylor, M.D. Is the founder and CEO of David Taylor Enterprises, LLC and MedicalB2BCopywriter.com. He is a Mayo Clinic trained surgeon with more than 25 years of medical practice experience and AWAI trained medical copywriter specializing in medical B2B copywriting. He is also a certified SEO copywriter.

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  • Joe Helsley

    Joe Helsley


    Former CEO and Founder of Advertising Specialties, Inc. and HEI, Inc., and owner/operator of several small business startups both before and after the advent of the internet, I've experienced the ins & outs and ups & downs of organizing and operating small businesses, and know very well how good marketing materials contribute significantly to the sales cycle. I've written everything from flyers & sales brochures to billboard and radio advertising. What I love most about doing white papers and case studies, though, is the research involved. Ever since the days of writing philosophical essays in graduate school, I've enjoyed the sleuthing out of details and subsequent analysis to see what works and doesn't work. This is very useful too in the process of doing SEO, as you work through the analytics to see what's converting.

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  • Joanne McHugh

    Joanne McHugh


    How can I help you connect with your customers? I combine the talents of a wordsmith with the keen insights of an experienced marketing strategist. Having managed brands for a global Fortune 100 company, I am skilled at understanding audience needs and executing with client strategies in mind.

    Because I spent many years working for a business that couldn’t advertise directly to consumers, I am well-versed in creating content focused on building relationships. My specialties are B2C, health and wellness, parenting and pediatrics, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. I am adept at translating high science and complex language into words that consumers can understand. And with Big Pharma experience under my belt, I am comfortable crafting copy with an eye on regulatory restrictions.

    As for other unique skillsets, I’m practiced at understanding the mindset and information needs of new parents, women seeking a healthy lifestyle, tourists, and families searching for a school or university for their child. And my work helping people to write their memoirs has helped me hone my storytelling skills. Visit www.JoanneMcHugh.com for more details.

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  • Pam Foster

    Pam Foster


    I'm a Certified SEO Copywriter and experienced content-marketing writer, teacher and consultant with 3 decades of experience in marketing communications.

    I'm the Director of Copywriting Mastery Programs at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) - a global company dedicated to training people who wish to thrive as copywriters, giving them the skills to meet the demand for print and online content-marketing writers. I have a ten-year history with AWAI. I created 3 AWAI programs to help copywriters succeed: Working Effectively with Web Clients, Site Audits Made Simple, and Choose Your Writing Niche! I also speak at AWAI conferences, including AWAI's Fast Track to Success Copywriting Bootcamp and AWAI's Web Copy Intensive as well as online teaching programs.

    I'm also proud to own www.PetCopywriter.com, which offers pet-industry copywriting, web-SEO writing, social media and interactive media consulting based on many years with pet companies and veterinary companies.

    Books and Training: I have co-authored a series of guides for marketing success, including "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry" and "Wildly Profitable Marketing for Zoos, Aquariums and other Animal Organizations." These guides can help you drive more traffic to your site and boost profits. Visit www.PawzoolaPublishing.com for complete details.

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  • Kristy Tolley


    I've been a copywriter for more than 18 years. I’m a certified SEO copywriter and SEO consultant who specializes in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries.

    I work with: hotels and resorts; destination marketers; tour companies; restaurants; vacation rental companies; travel agents; travel and tourism associations; visitors bureaus; hospitality management companies; and any travel and tourism business seeking to boost their online marketing.

    I specialize in: content marketing (blogs, travel guides, social media, and brand storytelling); destination marketing materials (newsletters, visitors guides, and press releases); hotel and hospitality copywriting (website content for hotels, tour companies, tourism associations, etc.).

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  • Wendy Sloneker

    Wendy Sloneker


    Creating content that converts with strategic site writing, newsletters, blogs and social media.
    Based out of West Seattle, WA and serving up fresh content since 2012.
    Skype, Google Hangout & text-friendly.

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  • Alyssa Smith

    Alyssa Smith


    I am a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. I graduated from the University of Houston in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in print journalism and psychology. At a young age, I developed a talent in writing and my passion has grown throughout the years. No matter the industry, I try to integrate my love for writing into every job. I have been published in Houston Modern Luxury Magazine and The Cougar. My background and knowledge in media writing and marketing gives me a unique perspective on writing for different industries.

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  • Blake Smith

    Blake Smith


    Blake Smith is a Certified SEO Copywriter and Content Marketer who specializes in B2B online marketing communications and lead generation. He has a bachelor's degree in English and has eight years experience working in web development.

    His main focus is helping B2B technology companies develop engaging content that boosts website traffic and conversion. He also writes blog posts, email newsletters, case studies, and whitepapers.

    As a web developer turned web copywriter, Blake is proficient in both the English language and the language of the Web. He is able to blend the human element with the technical to produce high-quality web content that gets results.

    Known as the Web Content Doctor, Blake is on a mission to cure the online business world of Crappy Content Syndrome one website at a time. Visit his website at http://webcontentdoctor.com and join the crusade.

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