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Now, more than ever, you need people to subscribe to your newsletter, fill out your lead form – and yes, hit “buy now” and spend money with you. Driving more Google traffic and building top-of-mind awareness is business-critical.

That’s why my new, four-part B2B SEO writing certificate course outlines easy ways you can tweak your content and bring more money through your virtual doors.

Since this is the first time I’m running this updated training live, I’m offering a one-time, almost 50% discount off the normal $1,200 price for being my beta tester. You get all the course benefits – and all I need from you is your feedback.

Plus, for the first time, I’m including one-on-one help, including:

  • One 30-minute coaching call (or email consulting) with me ($300 value)
  • A video content review, outlining ways you can improve one page of B2B copy. ($450 value)
  • Four on-demand fast coaching chats via Voxer ($1,000 value)

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This B2B SEO Writing Training Is For:


Business Owners


B2B Writers


Freelance Writers

If you serve other businesses and want to drive more Google leads, this course is for you!

Start Grabbing Your Google Positions Right Now!

Once a week, for four weeks, we'll get together live* and discuss easy ways you can start seeing new site traffic.

Here's How I'll Help You Drive More Google Leads:

(June 4th, 2020) 

B2B keyphrase research is different. Learn how to match B2B keyphrases to the buyers' journey and how you can make your content stand out every time your prospect searches. I'll discuss: 

  • How to target the different types of B2B keyphrases 
  • Free ways you can find keyword ideas  
  • Why some keyphrases will never work - while others are hidden, traffic-driving gems  
  • PLUS-
    The #1 thing you should ALWAYS do before choosing a keyphrase


Finally, you can learn how to approach a new blog post the right way - and make the writing process easier and much more fun! During this webinar, I'll be sure to discuss:

  • Big mistakes B2B bloggers still make - and how to avoid them 
  • Simple ways to find topic ideas -even for "boring" B2B industries
  • How to choose the right keyphrases for your post  
  • The REAL truth about B2B blog post word counts.

(June 18th, 2020)

Give your copy every competitive advantage. During this session, I’ll blend sales writing with B2B SEO writing strategies and discuss:

  • UX tricks you can use to drive more conversions
  • Ways to get your sales pages noticed in a competitive environment
  • How to build local landing pages for service-based businesses
  • How persona-based copywriting can drive more sales

(June 25th, 2020)

Ask me anything! I'll review your site - or even look at one of your competitors' sites and tell you what they're doing right (or wrong.) We’ll discuss things like:

  • Why your competitor may be out-positioning your sales or information page
  • Easy ways you can power-up your messaging without losing your brand voice
  • Steps you can take to improve your positions  
  • How to find keyphrase and topic ideas for highly technical industries  

* I’ll send you the recordings so you’ll always have lifetime access to the lessons. But if you do attend live, you can ask questions & get immediate feedback. How cool is that?

Here Are Some Happy Testimonials From Past Course Graduates!

“After taking Heather Lloyd-Martin’s new course, SEO Content Writing: Step-by-Step, I have useful information that I can immediately use in my own business. Her step-by-step approach and use of real websites and blogs for examples makes the sometimes-confusing world of search engine optimization much easier to understand.'

Shirley Mott, freelance copywriter

“I finished listening to the webinar recordings last week–thanks so much for a great class! You delivered an effective high-level overview, followed by the nitty-gritty details, helpful examples, and then revisited the key points enough that I was able to absorb what, to me, is a very complex subject, Awesome!"

Sheryl Bauerschmidt, in-house copywriter

“The webinars laid a foundation from the ground up. I didn’t get lost in the volume of data. I now see how to approach SEO step by step. In other words, you successfully untangled the jumble of information so SEO makes sense to me.”

Karen Tan, freelance copywriter

Still Not Sure If This Is the Best B2B SEO Writing Training for You? 

I'm including a special bonus package if you sign up now!

One-month free access to SEMrush
- $99.95 value.

10-point B2B SEO Writing Checklist
- $19.95 value.


A VIP Facebook page where you can ask questions & get support
- $99 value. 

That's over $218 in bonuses - for FREE!

Plus, I'll throw in an exclusive $250 discount off of lifetime access to the SEO Copywriting Certification Training!

AND - everyone who completes the course and fills out the survey at the end will receive a B2B SEO Copywriting Certificate of Completion

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No Stress - Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure you'll love this training series that I'm offering a
money-back guarantee. Just let us know on or before June 8, 2020, and
we'll happily refund your money.

Hello! My name is Heather Lloyd-Martin
- and I'm your instructor!

I've been in the SEO world for over 22 years and was the first person to set SEO writing best practices. Even Forbes magazine called me the pioneer of SEO copywriting.

That was pretty cool.

Over the past 22 years, I've helped almost every type of B2B company under the sun, including:  

  • Search engines
  • B2B technology companies
  • B2B publishers
  • B2B agencies
  • SaaS companies
  • B2B e-commerce companies

I've helped "boring" B2B companies find their voice, scattered B2B companies find their focus, and small B2B companies dominate the Google listings.

Today, I love teaching B2B writers how to drive Google leads faster - and for less cost.

Have a question? Contact me! I'd love to hear from you!

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Hurry, The First Training Starts Soon!

The first webinar starts June 4th, 2020!

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No Stress - Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure you'll love this training series that I'm offering a
money-back guarantee. Just let us know on or before June 8, 2020, and
we'll happily refund your money.