B2B SEO Copywriting Certificate Modules

Module One
Session: B2B Keyphrase research strategies
Instructor: Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
Copywriting is your craft. Knowing how to identify keywords that get your writing in front of a target audience of searchers can elevate you from artist to master. In this lesson you will learn what tools and processes to use to pick keywords that your audience is using to look for the B2B product or service you’re writing about. There’s a simple science to researching keywords and then selecting those that align with your audience and goals to help you outrank the competition, and that’s what you’ll learn from one of the SEO industry’s leading educators, Bruce Clay.
Module Two
Session: Creating Niched Content: When Less Is Not More
Instructor: Frank Watson
When you are writing content in a niched space sometimes being too specific narrows your reach. Casting a broader net can bring your site and your marketing efforts more traffic that helps build the brand. It allows more people to see it and share it through social platforms that ultimately gets it seen by the clients you want.
Module Three
Session: Landing Page Anatomy. Building B2B Landing pages with Brains
Instructor: Graeme McLaughlin
It’s easy to fall into the trap of copying competitors or even worse just doing what your boss or clients want, after all no one ever got fired for buying IBM. In this session we focus on the 5 key elements of a persuasive landing page. We review how to use the framework to drive both quantity & quality of conversions. I’ll give up some of my secret tips when it comes to testing and the tools I use for my clients. As an added bonus you’ll get to take away my landing page cheat sheet to help you implement the tactics and strategies right away.
Module Four
Session: B2B Data Domination
Instructor: Ed Reese, Principal, Sixth Man Marketing
Traditional analytics measurement techniques just don’t provide the insight needed to fuel the growth in the B2B vertical. If you’re selling to partnership channels, distributors, or other B2B channels, you need to to generate actionable insight from your web analytics data. But what does that mean? More importantly, how do we do it? Ed Reese from Sixth Man Marketing is going to how to create the goals, KPI’s, and advanced segments needed to gain the insight you need to know if you’re driving your sales and marketing channel effectively.
Module Five
Session: Building reputation and traffic through world class content marketing
Instructor: Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting
Google still uses links as a major ranking factor in their algorithms. Social media may or may not be a ranking factor now, but it is clearly a critical component of a marketing strategy for more businesses. Watch this session to get hard-nosed practical advice on how to put together a killer content marketing strategy to begin building your future today!
Module Six
Session: B2B Social Success Strategies
Instructor: Jennifer Horowitz, Director of Marketing, EcomBuffet.com
Description: Are you managing a B2B social media campaign? Discover the three must-know prime objectives a social media campaign should be based around. In this session, you’ll learn how to effectively craft compelling messages that meet these objectives and impact your bottom line. Plus, you’ll learn how to use social media to boost SEO, share content and create more exposure online. B2B social media is a slightly different animal than B2C. Understand the differences and use them to make it work for your business.
Module Seven
Session: Guiding a Successful In-House Content Strategy
Instructor: Pam Foster
Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or in-house content manager, you’ll gain a better understand of how to plan and drive a successful content strategy using a variety of tools and resources.
Module Eight
Session: How to Turn Your B2B Blog From Dull to Dazzling
Instructor: Shelly Kramer
Writing for a B2B blog doesn’t have to be boring, you just need to do your homework, know your audience, and know how to write content that will resonate with them. This session will show you how to do just that.