Google’s algorithm is constantly changing

Are your SEO copywriting skills keeping up with the times?

The reality is – SEO copywriting techniques that worked even six months ago aren’t relevant today (and could get your site slapped with a spam penalty.) Whether you’re working in-house or freelancing, keeping abreast of the latest information is crucial to your rankings – and your career.

Classes offered by the SEO Content Institute were developed for working copywriters who need the latest information to stay competitive. You’ll benefit from an in-depth dive into how people consume online content, how to discover how people search online and how to write persuasive, top-positioned copy that “clicks” with your audience.

  • Need specialized SEO copywriting knowledge? The SEO Copywriting Certification training is the only online training that focuses exclusively on SEO content. Why pay for other, irrelevant information that won’t help you write better content?
  • Short on time? Copywriting training solutions from the SEO Content Institute were created with busy professionals in mind. Online classes are available 24/7 and can be completed in as little as three months.
  • Need expert help you can trust? All classes were created by Heather Lloyd-Martin, a 15-year industry veteran, voted the Top Woman in SEO, and considered the pioneer of SEO copywriting. Throughout her career, she has consulted with search engines, top brands and major publishers. And now, she can help you too.

Here’s how.

SEO copywriting training for in-house writers:Customized in-house training

SEO copywriting training for freelance writers:SEO Copywriting Certification Training
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